Support Services

Clinical Research Department

                                   Making research a part of the life of Duncan Hospital has encouraged us by seeing improvements in management, answers to question, and some excellent teamwork. Poisonings, snakebites, glucocorticoid misuse, hypokalemic periodic paralysis, and acute undifferentiated fevers have been investigated. There is now follow up research planned in some of these topics as well as hospital and community health projects which are making a difference in these locally relevant issues.

                                    Research projects are being done by junior doctors as part of their Family Medicine training and student nurses as part of their GNM curriculum.

Currently there are projects happening in Medicine, Nursing and Community with the hope that as time goes by other departments will consider research in their fields.

X-Ray Department

                    The department performs routine X-Rays, as well as special procedures including contrast studies including barium series, intravenous pyelograms (IVP) and hysterosalpingograms (HSG). A large number of dental X-Rays are also done regularly The X-Ray department team perform ECG’s in the OPD and inpatient wing regularly.

Pharmacy Department

            There are two pharmacies supplying medications in the hospital: one for OPD patients and the other especially for inpatients. The outpatient pharmacy starts from 8:00 am and closes at 6:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday. The inpatient pharmacy runs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


                       The laboratory services are a significant component of the clinical services provided by our medical team.The Duncan lab has constantly strived to maintain high quality and internal quality checks and external quality assurance systems have been put in place. A center for training in lab technology has been developed for both formal and informal training for EHA lab technicians. The presence of the lab school with both DMLT (Diploma in Medical and Laboratory Technology) and BMLT (Bachelor in Medical and Laboratory Technology) students, undergoing training has been a further stimulus to adhere to high standards.

Biomedical Department

                           The Biomedical Department ensures that the hospital’s medical equipment is in good running order and makes sure that all the hospital’s equipment needs are met. It strives to reduce expenses by resolving most issues in house. There are currently approximately 400 pieces of equipment being looked after by the biomedical department.

Nursing Service

                                   Duncan’s department of Nursing Services strives to fulfill its mission to provide nursing care which is consistently caring, clinically excellent and Christ-centered. The well-trained and dedicated staff are constantly working toward this goal. Whether assisting doctors in the busy outpatient clinics or providing round-the clock care in the inpatient ward, the nurses are the “heartbeat” of the hospital. With a growing focus on continuing education and advanced studies, we continue to strive for excellence in every specialty area.
Technical Services

                                               Here in Duncan hospital we are dedicated to ensure  uninterrupted technical support round the clock. 
We have a nicely balanced team of well trained and experienced technicians supervised by two engineers and guided by Almighty Lord Jesus Christ. Here technical services doesn't mean just to electrical's or electronics but it means everything. Whether it's electrical's, information technology, carpentry, mason or plumbing. We have a team of more than 20 persons which works round the clock to fulfill all the needs of hospital towards technical department.