HIS (Hospital Information software)

We are working online saving a lot of paper and manpower for our day to day activities. The Current Software Synchronizes the Registration, Billing, EMR, Finance, Administration, HR, stores, Pharmacy. 


 The combined medical and pediatric intensive care unit at Duncan Hospital is a 10 bedded unit. The ICU cares for neonates, pediatric and adult patients. The intensive care unit at Duncan is equipped with 4 adult, 1 pediatric and 2 infant ventilators. All beds are equipped with multi-parameter monitors to continuously measure oxygen saturation, heart rhythm and blood pressure. Duncan's ICU cares for a wide variety of complex patients including acute myocardial infarction, multiple types of poisonings, snake bites, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetic ketoacidosis and septic shock. The ICU's services are also available to the obstetric and surgical patients that are cared for at hospital which includes care for patients with severe ecclampsia, hypovolemic shock due to blood loss and care after major abdomi The ICU nurses are well trained and manage a large volume of critically ill patients. 

Digital X-ray:

                                We are no more working with Dark rooms for imaging the X-rays . We are able to take X-ray images, edit, brighten, contrast, zoom and then print. We are able to view the X-ray simultaneously @Casualty, OT, ICU, and OPD’s. Thanks to the modern technology which saves lots of time, cost and in X-ray imaging.


                                   Ultrasound service was added into the diagnostic armamentarium of Duncan hospital over 20 years ago, and at present, with newer machines, like the  Logiq P5, it has proved to be an invaluable, affordable, safe and fast imaging service being provided for the patients in this region, where CT scan and MRI are not easily available. Along with the new digital X-ray machine in the Radiology department, over 90% of the patients are diagnosed and managed in our hospital itself.


                                     The  Endoscopic  service  restarted  after  a  break  of  8  months with  a new  set  of  scopes  which  includes a  Esophagogstroscope,  Duodenoscope  and  a  colonoscope. We  are  preparing  to  start  Hysteroscopy  and  colposcopy  in this   year. 

Technical services:

                                      Duncan has a strong technical team serving the 85 year old premises as well as the modern equipments our campus as a good mixture of traditional systems and modern systems. Brick building and multi storied buildings. We are networked with intercom, LAN which makes our day today activities faster, smoother and more efficient. With centralized O2, vacuum tools our service has improved.

                                   We have full networked CCTV in operation that keeps vigil on our campus 24*7 in addition to the available security services.

Biomedical Department:

The Biomedical Department was started in Nov 2009.

The Biomedical Department looks after the hospital’s medical equipments, making sure that all the hospital’s equipment needs are met, to ensure smooth functioning of the hospital, and to reduce expenses by resolving most issues in house.

There are close to 400 medical equipments being looked after by the biomedical department, with the number of equipments almost doubling over the last 4-5 years.

Nursing School:


                                  The nursing profession is accepted as a challenging & noble profession. As nursing is a practice, so too is teaching.   The leadership and tutors of the School of Nursing endeavor to help the students develop fully in body, mind and spirit so that they may give holistic nursing care to the people in the hospital and the community in the name and spirit of our lord Jesus Christ.

School Of Medical Lab Technology:

The Duncan Lab School was started in 2008 and Mr. S. Kannan , CMAI (Christian Medical Association of India) certified tutor  is in charge of  it.

We have 2 courses running simultaneously: a 4-year B.Sc. MLT (Medical Laboratory Technology) course affiliated to IGNOU and a 2-year DMLT (Diploma Medical Laboratory Technology) course affiliated to CMAI.

Three  batches of DMLT students have passed and joined our lab staff and they are the backbone of our Lab services team.

Palliative care:

            It was stated in Duncan in April 2013 after a  PC workshop in SGPGI  Lucknow given by EHA. It was inaugurated on 22nd January 2014  by civil surgeon of the district HQ Motihari.  The programme methodology incorporates documentation of palliative care patient assessment including family, social, emotional and spiritual concerns and care plan with attention to adequate symptom control. End of life care for both cancer and non-cancer patients are being welcomed in the IP. A nurse is presently accompanying the community team in exploratory visits in home based care. The needs of the programme include nurses trained in palliative care, morphine procurement and there is a plan for a certificate course by IAPC to be attended.

We   were  able  to  provide  comfort  care  to  a  11  year  old  boy  affected  with rabies  which  resulted  in peaceful  death  of  the  victim  and  softening  of  the  emotional  trauma  to  his  family. There were  44  patient  who  received  Palliative  care  in  our  hospital.  3  of  them were affected  with  some  type  of  malignancy  and   41  were   suffering  from non cancer  illness.

Dental department


                        Dental department was Established in 1993. We provide Regular dental check-ups with ( RVG), Filling/ Cosmetic Dentistry ,Root canal treatment ,Ultra sonic Scaling  & polishing the teeth, Ulcers & Jaw lesions ( Cyst ), Full Denture, Partial Denture, Braces for the teeth, Oral surgeries/ trauma management , Surgical Extraction / Impaction surgery to remove teeth, Biopsy etc.